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On the weekend of 25th-26th February, 2017, I took part in my first ever competitive driving event, what we call here TT. Day 1 is what we call gymkhana, and what you guys stateside call autocross. Day is drag races. Event happened at an under-utilised tarmac airstrip, with very loose gravel on top. A lot of the more powerful cars easily spun out.

Now, I performed predictably badly (results are here), day 1 I was 7th last (out of 35, i think). Day 2 I was 3rd last. Overall all, I was third last. 99% of it is because of driver mistake. I made a gazillion mistakes.

All through DSC was on, so when I took the corners a little too aggressive, I would feel power being cut. For the drags, I missed gear 3 in my two timed runs.

That said, I had a ton of fun, and learnt a lot. I cant wait for the next event.

This forum has taught me a lot. I spend way too much time reading posts here, and it is in this regard that I seek specific a little bit of advice:

Current mods:
The only upgrade to my car at the moment is an AWR rear motor mount, 88 durometer, which tool several months to get to me after purchase.

Top Priority Upgrades
  • Tyres: BFG G-Force Rivals or Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Specs. I am currently running on Kumho ECSTA SPT 205/50/R17, on OEM 17" snow flakes rims. I can't afford another set of rims at this point in time, but if I could, I would go for Rota Slipstreams.
  • Rear sway bar from MPS (I still regret not getting the pair of Hotchkis sway bars @mazda3az was selling a while back at a very good price). I am eyeing a set from @teg2slow, but we are still working out the logistics.
Less Priority Upgrades
  • 16" Rota Slipstreams, at least 7.5" wide, offset +45 to +50, mostly because they are light and cheaper
  • Brake upgrade; fronts from MPS, rears from Mazda 5, then Centric Premium rotors, Hawk brake pads (not sure about the specific pads yet) SS brake lines, better brake fluid.
  • I already have a set of springs from Mazda 5, which are the ideal shocks & struts to pair them with for DD and quarterly autocross? I see mention of Bilstein HDs and Koni Yellows but both are still pricey as per my non-existent budget.
  • Adjustable front camber plates?
  • Adjustable rear camber arms?
  • Most members here think twice about selling parts to someone in Africa :-(
  • There is no formally organized drivers school here at the moment, so the safest way to get seat time is to take part in events. There is an illegal way of getting seat time, but I would rather not take that route
Can someone more enlightened than me point out flaws in my plans above?


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