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My prized 2006 MZ3 GT PZEV sedan threw its 3rd CEL at ~24,600 miles. I don't top my fuel tank off... Always stop after first click and I use Chevron Gas (regular).

1st repair on September 25th, 2006 says this: 18301 miles - Purge Valve Faulty - Replaced Purge Valve

2nd time on November 8th, 2006 says this: 20621 miles - Diag Code PO442 - Test and replace purge solenoid - clear codes and road test.

Both times they REPLACED the valve with part number LF66-20-360J Purge Sol. Valve W/H.

Now I get another code: P0455, EVAP Emission Control System Leak

So the dealership has my car and is ordering parts for my car right now and I'm driving a rental Chevy Cobalt. I didn't ask what parts they were replacing, but I'll find out when I get the invoice.

The only hassle is I spent an hour during my lunch break getting this all handled, and then I have to go to enterprise to return the car, shuttle back to Mazda to get my car back tomorrow whenever they call me.

More paperwork, time from lunch break... and 3rd CEL from the STUPID emission PZEV system. :(

p.s. The cobalt feels like a boat lol, and every time I brake or accelerate I hear a bolt rolling up and down somewhere inside the lower dash area... That noise drives me nuts! ahhhh, at least it has OK low end torque for city driving and it's comfortable.

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Update! my car is in the shop for 2 FULL days now because of the evap leak CEL...

Either they are low on warranty work and stretching their hours, which from the looks of their garage they are... Or they are doing some serious work on my car.

They said hopefully I'll have it back tomorrow so in the mean time I'm getting used to the Cobalt. Two things I really like about it is the radio stays on even after you turn the car off and remove the keys. The radio only turns off when the driver side door opens.

This car has no power mirrors, locks, or windows, yet it has AUTO headlights... Now that's neat!

The battery is in the trunk! AWSOME for CAR AUDIO!

The spare jack is inside the spare tire in the trunk.

THe trunk paneling is falling apart, and i disassembled the center console trying to find a bolt and there were a bunch of crushed potato chips and a straw under a panel where the E-brake is. I had to use a magnet and mirror to find it.

I checked out the engine and found an 11 page thread on the cobalt forums of how to convert the stock intake into an SRI with just a conical filter.

Today I'm going to detail the windshield by removing the waterspots and put some rain-X on it for the next people that get to drive it.

The low end torque and low grip continental economy tires means lots of tire spin by just mashing the pedal. I think the suspension is so soft and "floaty" that there's no wheel hop. I just hear tires screaching and a slight grind sensation from the wheels.

Overall... It's growing on me I guess.

At a certain low RPM the headers or engine have an exhaust tone reminiscent of a G35/350z. It actually has a nice tone to it... At WOT, it sounds loud like it's struggling.

I should post a picture of my little base model Cobalt later, hehe :)

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3rd CEL damn. Sorry to hear about so many trips to dealer, I've been there... and yes, dealer takes forever with the warranty work.

I've driven cobalt, focus, and neon as loaners... and yes, those rides are just horrible. Compared to the 3.

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For informational purposes I will post what was wrong and what was fixed with the car, for now my ECU has to relearn and the engine feels different. They didn't bother resetting my clock though at least I got my car back. :)

Rear Seats Loose: Cause, faulty seat clip 54 seats
1743 WM
24589 faulty seat clip found broken seat clip, installed new seat lock ok now.

24 brakes
1 c2y3-33-23ZA Pad Set, FRT Caliper
1 VP102 Brake Clean
Installed updated brake pads ok now

CEL evap leak detection pump failed
1 LF66-18-581A sensor
1 555-CS-FRET WARR - CSO Freight

Evap Leak Detection PUmp Failed found code P2405 Evap Leak Detection Pump Circuit. Diag Showed Pump Faulty. Replaced Pump, drive cycle test, OK

Brake Status 50% or more

Tire status RED less than 20% remaining

Battery good.

Mileage in:
Mileage out:

They drove 5 miles with my car to test the stuff... hehe, I wonder if they noticed my suspension mods... heh
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