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Mustang Mirror on the 3

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I saw this post on and was wondering if anyone here has tried and can confirm that it works? And that it actually does help.

I let little things bug me -and the location of the rearview mirror in my Mazda 3 causes a big blind spot -

I took a long shot today and stopped by a Ford dealer - I ask the parts department guy if he had any rearview mirrors in stock that would fit a Madza. First he gave me a blank stare - then he punched a few things into his computer and said - the mirror from a Mustang will fit. He had one in stock - and it was only $21.00. He let me take it out to the car and see if it would fit.

Ford and Mazda must use the same bracket because it fits perfect.

Now I have 2 points of adjustment - one at the windshield and one at the mirror - the result is I can now adjust the mirror up closer to the roof of the car & out of my field of vision.

The stock mirror hung down a little more than 6 inches (from the top of windshield to bottom of mirror) the new mirror hangs down less than 4 inches. The 2 inch difference does not sound like much - but to me it makes a big difference.

If anyone has the same problem the Ford part number is - F5SZ 17700 AA

BTW - the Mustang mirror is a little wider than the stock mirror - but it still fits between the sun visors.
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That's interesting. I actually prefer rear-view mirrors that have two articulation points. I don't remember being bothered with a blind spot during my test drives but will be sure to look for it when I get the car. If you give this a try, make sure to let us know how it works.
Also a picture would be great.
A wider mirror would block out more of the sun.... (*light bulb turns on in head*)
You guys use your rearview mirror to check blindspots? I use my side mirrors, which is what you are suppose to do anyway.
I think you misunderstood the original poster from The mirror itself is obstructing his view because it is too low. Granted, this is a very nitpicky complaint, but I think that's what he meant.

This has nothing to do with the blindspots to the rear-left/rear-right that you're talking about.

Most likely, if you're not very tall then this doesn't affect you, but if you are tall, then the mirror does get in the way a little bit.
Actually mirrors can be a huge pain for us taller guys. Most cars (the 3 included) I have a hard time feeling safe turning right without ducking a little. The worst is when I get a passenger that thinks they need the sun visor. I can't see a single thing on that side of the car. My last car I just removed the visors.

I like this mirror idea, I may go check it out and see what can be done. An extra 2 inches would be nice.
Go for the Broadway mirror......I put one on and greatly increased my field of vision....not good for long road trips b/c of the brightness though.
I'd just like to update this post to say that the mustang mirror will not fit without modifications. It does fit on the mounting bracket, however the plastic panel covering the rain sensor will not reattach. The mustang mirror comes out at a different angle and will not fit the hole. I'm gonna try to cut the mirror and use some metal based epoxy to reattach. I'll post pics after work tonight.
We red white and bluers don't have the luxury of having the rain sensor on our cars. I would suspect the author of that article lives here in the middle of North America. USA Rules! Canucks drool!! J/K
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