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MS3 rims on Silver Sedan?

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Hi I was just wondering what everyone thinks of the MS3 rims on a silver sedan. I love the look of the MS3 rims but I'm not sure if it would look so great on a silver car. I seen so many pics of it on black/blue or any other color but not on silver, just wondering if anyone has done this before?
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They made a silver MS3 :), and I know a lot of people have them. Theres nothing wrong with MS3 wheels on silver.
They will look terrific. Most everyone thinks they look great on sedans. That being said, it's what you like that is important.
MS wheels will look good. I've got CX7s on my Sunlight Silver and, while not the same, they're silver with wider spokes.
That sounds good. I was just afraid that it might too much silver lol
Not much more compared to your stock rims. IMO, looks best on silver. Makes it all look so clean.
yeah man the MS3 wheels really look great on the sedan. Haven't really seen any besides on black micas, but I'm sure it'll look good on the silver as well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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