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MS3 Bulb Replacement Codes

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Here are the bulb codes for the Mazdaspeed 3.

Low Beams: H7 (sport only, GT has HID)
High Beams: 9005 (both sport and GT)
Fog Lights: 9006 (both sport and GT)
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I bought a pair of OSRAM H7 (12V 55W PX26d 499st 64210SVS) bulbs for my MS3 and they are not the correct bulbs. These bulbs have smaller prongs that are set closer together. How many H7 versons are there?
H7 is H7. I am not sure, but onmy P5, the H7 bulbs were connected to a black plastic part you need to pull off. If you can, take pics of your original bulbs, and the ones you are installing, and I can take a look.
Duh, black plastic part. I orginally pulled the connector off and matched up the bulb to the electical connector. I had no idea there was a black plastic part.

The bulbs are in and work - thanks!

By the way. I found out how easy it is to take off the botton splash panel after I dropped a bulb. Much easier to remove than the Miata's.
That is awesome! Great news.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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