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MS Style Side skirt Add-on

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i'm considering the MS style add-on's as a future mod, however i can't decide whether to keep it black, or paint it CWP to match my car..
if i left it black, would it be very un-noticeable?
here is a picture
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my friends got em. ona black car tho. (scismic)
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i think they would look good, matching the rear valance.
i was thinking, instead of buying this add-on, i purchase a Home Depot Add-on :p
its a cheaper alternative and may look better...
what do you guys think?
oh god not for the sides man. someone did an it on here, looked gross.
any other pics? the height difference between the rear and the side seems too extreme.
only other one i got.

they are pretty subtle
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i just can't justify spending 200+ for this...
the HD lip costs literally a fraction of this price, and can also achieve the same effects as this mod..
i think if i added the HD lip under my OEM sideskirt, it wouldn't look half bad..
i think the person who did the HD sideskirt did NOT have oem sideskirts, which may have made it look worse..
anyhow, i am going to try the HD and snap some pics
then hopefully decide whether or not i should keep it lol
just get the repelica that ssg makes.I make get that and a gv lip for my hatch
just wondering, if i choose to replace the whole sideskirt itself, is ebay my only option?
the baysonr products?
theres not many companies that have parts for the hatch
correct me if im wrong, but i believe the sode skirts are universal, sedan or hatch
yup i think you're right. you know ebay's bayson r has 2 models that look very good and i hear the fitment is near perfect. plus it comes with screws and everything. imo i'd have the sideskirts a little more agressive than the ms one. maybe try one off a body kit to go with your lip? i think the b-2 sideskirts look solid
man i really like how clean the ms add on sideskirt is! Does seismic have any more shots of the skirt?
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