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MS CAI Question

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From searching through this forum, I saw that Mazda has released their MS CAI again, and it comes with the AEM air flow straightener. Some dude on here even posted the pictures up link below

I called my dealer and they said that I could had ordered one but there was only one left, and it was in Pennsylvannia but for $399. Anyways, I was wondering if the ones SU is selling has the air flow straighteners.

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get the cp-e cai and be done with it.
your best bet is to contact street unit themselves. i find it hard to believe that there is only ONE left anywhere. sounds like they are looking for and excuses to get you to pay more. good luck :)
i paid 399 for mine too, and that was over a year ago. my dealer ordered it from another state as well. list the mazdaspeed CAI for $399, that's normal pricing for the intake, you pay to avoid warranty discrepancies....

When I first got my car, my dealer quoted me $450 for the intake. Contacted a few sponsors on here, and got it for $300 shipped new. Shop around.
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