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MP3 Player not working

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Just picked up the Mz3 today and it won't play any of my MP3 discs. It's showing only one track available.

I thought the MP3 player was a single disc player but its accepting more than one disc, and plays normal CD's fine.

The players finish shows it as an MP3 player, I'm wondering if the Mazda dealer has accidentally left the 6 disc cd player in and simply swapped the faceplate?

I have the alleged 6 disc player given to me in a box.

Can anyone suggest what has happened, when I told the head mechanic that I thought the 6 disc changer was still in he was adamant it had been correctly swapped over.
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The mp3 player is single disc. Looks like someone screwed up.
That is so messed up, u should take it back to the dealership, I can't believe the dealership did something like that.
Can you have both the 6 disk changer and mp3 abilities then?
ohsoribby said:
Can you have both the 6 disk changer and mp3 abilities then?
Mazda 3's mp3 player should only be single disc.
Check to see what's actually in that box.
According to Richard from its either 6CD Changer or MP3 Player. Can't have both.
I think they definately stuffed it up...

Obvious signs there are its loading more than 1 disc and its not playing MP3's.

Either they didnt swap it, or the mp3 player they order was mixed up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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