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Motor Week

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The Mazda3 will be featured on the TV show Motor Week this week.
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In case you miss the show, the Motor Week road test article is available at:

As you might expect, they were impressed with the Mazda 3.
very good article... and as said in a previos post i do agree with 99% of what they said in it...
Further confirmation on the 0-60 times with their test results 7.7 on the 5 speed hatch. Had they been taking the car to fuel cut they would probably have done both the 0-60 and the 1/4 even quicker.

Still waiting to see some real world 1/4 mile numbers from some of the folks around here.
There are two 'real world' 1/4 times so far. Both have been 16.2 which is acceptable since C&D says 16.1
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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