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Moonroof does not work? Can not open.

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I just found the sunroof of my 07MZ3 does not work. When I press the 'open' button, the sunroof can not open, looks like something blocked the roof.
When I press 'close' button, should like " Dang". Then I press open button, it sounds " Dang" again, and then roof is open, after I close it, and try to open. It won't be open again. I have to play it for a while.

Any idea what's wrong with the sunroof?

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Sounds like there is something wrong with the machanics of it...

I would take it to the dealer fo sho
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does it open manually?

How it open manually?
You're in Canada right? What part of the country? If it's below 0*C could be it's frozen shut.
Yes, I am in Canada, and in Winterpeg.

However, it opened after I played a while, after I closed it , it won't be open again, unless I play for another while.
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