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Coming home from work this morning I was 'testing' my car against my buddies 06 Eclipse GT. I had done this once before previously with the same conditions (-35C slightly slipperly roads, no spin, DSC on). Both our cars had been warmed up for the same amount of time and driving.

Previously it was pretty even, i was faster in the lower gears, and rolling from lower speeds, he was slightly faster in the midrange and i was overall had a higher top speed.

This time however, from mid, mid-lo and highspeed starts my car wouldnt budge and he smoked me every time. My car was awesome on the drive to work today, but not so on the way home.

Me thinks im getting the xede to combat this problem. I will probalby get the AP too if it comes out in a timely fashion. I will probably only have this car for 2.5 more years. So waiting for a year for the AP is a waste of time (33% of my time with this car).

I'm seeing 14.9 for the 06 eclipse. You should easily smoke your friend even from a roll. If you were even, it simply means you haven't truly learned the powerband of the ms3 yet or there's something wrong with your car. Keep the rpms between 3-5k and you should be fine. And dsc should be OFF (if the roads are slippery even a little, don't race!).The xede will help but it will do little good against a better driver.

On topic:

I took a long drive this past weekend and had really put her to the test on the highway from a roll and had not noticed this powerloss, unless the poster is simply talking about turbo lag which is normal. I did a couple 6th-5th pulls (to about 125 briefly) and my friend couldn't believe the power the car had in the higher gears. He certainly respected it a lot more after that drive. I've also learned that we may have an adaptive ECU. I've noticed that if I drive the car hard, keeping the rpms in the powerband, boost comes on sooner and stronger for a while after until I start driving like grandma again. I'm not 100% sure on that but I've been able to reproduce it over and over. No big deal, just something to ponder.

my 93 probe GT had an adaptive ecu as well as my contour svt...both older cars, I think many cars have this, so it would not surprise me if the speed3 did. it will adjust to the driving habits of a vehicle. another reason why having many drivers on one car is not good.
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