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Sounds like you've got good plans for the car already! 15% tint on a black mica looks super hot.

A lot of people shy away from aftermarket sunroofs/moonroofs, and it would suck if it developed problems since it could cause water damage and is not covered under warranty. However, I had one on my second car and it was great. The car was an 88 Accord, had the moonroof installed in 90, and was still working fine when we sold it in 99. It was a lot bigger and nicer looking than the OEM moonroofs on newer Accords which had them as options, and never had any problems. So if you really want one, I say go for it.

Turbo Kits: there's an entire section of the forum here dedicated to Forced Induction so I recommend keeping that discussion separate from everything else, in a new thread there. Lots of heated options, etc ;)

Now, let's see some pics of your new baby! :)
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