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I got it! It is the Hatchback w/ all the packages. It is fully loaded except for Nav and Leather. Got it in 4 days! I had ordered a fully loaded sedan (exept nav and leather) from a diff. dealer, but they kept lying so I went to a different dealer and they said they had the exact thing I wanted, only it was a hatchback, which I liked just as much as the sedan (now that I have it, I like the HB much better... of course). Well, they ordered it and it was here in 4 days as opposed to the 5-6 weeks I was waiting and still waiting for the sedan. I am so happy. It is better than I imagined. Picked it up yesterday and things went pretty smooth. I will post pics soon. I love it and I cant wait till the break in period is over so I can really go joyriding :)

The only downside is that it came with 109 miles on it because they had to drive it from Ft Lauderdale to Naples (approx. 1.5 hours), but the salesman says that the driver is always careful about treating the engine well for the break-in period (it was a woman who drove it... hehe) so now after 2 days it has 218 miles on it!! hehe only 400 miles to go until break-in is over. Gas mileage improves after that time right? I think I read that in a post somewhere... cause right now gas mileage sux (I'm almost at half a tank and have only driven like 100 or so miles... heh)

Well.... off to work... gotta pay for my new car... :)

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