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MIssing Idle air control valve

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i just noticed that i don't have a iacv on my 2006 2.3 Mazda 3.. i need to know what part number it is so i can order a new one. or know of any interchangeable parts
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That is strange. Does is your idle sporadic almost dies low rpms 400 500?
Do you know a part number. And I can't find a wire that would connect to it.
Nope. No codes. Runs great besides idle. I'm trying to find replacement and wiring diagram for it but I am not having such luck. Why would they leave a open source for air to get through.
I don't think its open, actually quite sure it not. It is just a what looks to be an opening for some kinda valve but nothing is there. Probably used in many of any other applications that it could be for just not our Mazda's.

If that big hole was open I doubt the car would run.
ill have to double check that aswell. ill take my air hose to it tommor with the airintake off and see if i can hear any air go thru ! thanks
1 - 6 of 13 Posts