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Re: Mint "Mazdaspeed 3" OEM 10 spoke chrome wheels - 4 - $400 (South Pasadena)

[quote author=Mazda3Mods link=topic=134656.msg2895313#msg2895313 date=1233127435]
[quote author=KeVINE11 link=topic=134656.msg2895295#msg2895295 date=1233125828]
wow! those are some awesome deals! I go to school right next to the city of walnut. i emailed the guy about the ms3 cbe. I already have a custom cbe but i might wanna change to this if i can get it :) dam! its only $10! lol

price out shipping to me, pay you $40 for your time and the $10 to get it. ;) pm me if interested, I need it for another build here.

LOL! you could buy it for $10 and sell it on the forums for $180-$250 + shipping easily.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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