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This forum needs a little bit of love so I decided to go ahead and compile a thread with just about anything you can think of doing for your speed3. There's already a section dedicated for Gen1s so this will focus on Gen2s.

I'll be updating this constantly so let me know if you'd like to see something added/something is missing!



Fuel pump internals install

Remove & Disassemble HPFP Spill Valve

FMIC Intercooler Install
(CX Racing)

Balance Shaft Delete

SRI+TIH Install

RMM Install

BPV Install

Shifter Bushings Install


Springs Install

Rear Sway Bar Install
and a video

ECU Tuning

Basic "Training" for ATR

Boost Tuning

More Boost Tuning

Hybrid Tuning (Load + Boost tuning)
*(you guys might need to send me a PM to get access to the file)

Ignition Timing and General Tuning Q&A

MAF Calibration

Official Threads For Parts
(FMIC/TMIC, RMM, Intake, Downpipe, Suspension and more!)
- Discuses what options are available as the best setup
**Click here**


Eliminating Rear Wing Rattle

DIY Short Shifter

Door panel inserts (Getting rid of "chicken pox")
-Guide 1
-Guide 2

Independent Fogs (Genpu)

Charge Speed Lip Install

Rear Wiper Delete (Genpu)


Changing the cabin air filter

Oil Change

Changing Spark Plugs

Cleaning your MAF

Touch up paint

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I thought I found instructions finally... clicked on the link and the site's not found. Guess it's been a few years and they stopped maintaning the site.

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Can you specify what link?
Hey MBalik! It's the link in this thread above that says "cabin air filter".

Copying the link it's:

It's probably a typo or something. Other links in the list are opening up just fine.

Meanwhile, I found a couple youtubes and did finally get the filter changes. I simply wasn't pulling hard enough on the first panel to get it to detach. Geez, those old filtered smelled. They weren't even dirty looking, but bitter smelling.

A couple questions if you happen to know:
1) Do you need to have these filters in? I'm thinking of trying to clear out the vents by taking them out and running fresh air through inside. Using filters, tends to trap some smell, then push it back out through the vents.

2) Does anyone sell these shrink wrapped?

Thanks for all the great stuff on this site!
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