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I have about 100k miles and did a coolant flush and fill not too long ago. Oil changes regularly. Trying to figure out the possible causes of overheating with these symptoms:

-Fans kick on like normal, but car starts to climb to temps above 230F at idle
-Doing a pull or driving at higher revs than normal brings temperature back down, but only to the mid 220s
-Revving without load brings temperatures down considerably
-Outside temperature does not seem to have a large impact

I have light mods like an Intake, BOV, Exhaust, and have a stage one OTS map. To me, it seems like the water pump is having issues because when I revving cools it down. Despite this, I should be at much lower temperatures, right? Just sitting here hoping its not a head gasket issue or something deeper. Any input would be helpful.

Also, please let me know if this is in the wrong place. I'm very new to the forum.
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