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mazdaspeed 3 insurance

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I am probably getting this car soon and wanted to know how much you guys pay for insurance for mazdaspeed 3, i have the NJ Manufacturer so i dunno if there are any of you that have it but it would help alot, i called em thou to ask how much it would be but i guess they dont have that car in the system yet so i asked them for the speed 6 which is almost same n they said around 600/6 mo so i dunno i need to really know!!! thanx
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I just transferred over my insurance from my 07 Ford Focus SE ZX3 to the Speed and my insurance went from $251/6mos to $270/6mos.

38 with currently clean driving record. It is my main driver with no restrictions. Farmers Insurance.

1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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