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The best quote I've gotten was from Progressive. I've gotten it down to $154 a month. Oh, and I'm 28, now living in Southern Cali with a clean driving record. The stupid "binder" that he dealer sold me wanted to insure me for $408 a month!! :shock:

Oh, and speaking of insurance... I have a co worker who financed a car for around $16,000, and didn't get the "GAP" insurance coverage. She was rearended about two weeks after she bought that cheap car, it was totalled, and she was only entitled to the "market value" of the car. Since cars drop so much in value the minute you drive em off the lot, (and the first three years or so) she only got about $14,000 from the full coverage insurance. Now she's without a car, and still responsible for that 2 grand!! After hearing her story, I did some research, and found that your insurance company may offer "gap" insurance, and it's cheaper that buying it from the dealer. It's only a few extra bux a month, and could save you a butt load.

just some food for thought. :)
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