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mazdaspeed 3 insurance

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I am probably getting this car soon and wanted to know how much you guys pay for insurance for mazdaspeed 3, i have the NJ Manufacturer so i dunno if there are any of you that have it but it would help alot, i called em thou to ask how much it would be but i guess they dont have that car in the system yet so i asked them for the speed 6 which is almost same n they said around 600/6 mo so i dunno i need to really know!!! thanx
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Man WTF just happen here? When I bought my car in January I paid $680/6mos. on the ins. I'm renewing mine since the 6 mos. is up and they said the car is a high performance vehicle so they are charging me $1422/ 6 mos. WHAT THE FUCK!
I'm 27 as most of you guys already know with 10 years of good driving record. The company just said it was all because of the change in category. So now I have to look for another car maybe a Lexus, BMW or a Truck. This way the monthly payment for the insurance on my speed3 will go to the new car payment.
That's what I have been doing since last night and the lowest rate I found is the one I already have $1145/6mos.

I did call wawake? anyways, they're like an agency and they have like 300 different types of insurance company around Cali and the cheapest one they have is Esurance $1300 and then the State Farm $1400. Both for 6 mos. period. That's bullshit!
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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