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Well atco opened today and i wanted to run my current setup before i upgraded anymore, im pretty sure the track sucked for street tired cars, well imo anyway, best 60 i could get was a 2.3, any higher than 2000 and no matter how much i slipped it would spin

examples of bad track, an sti could only get a 1.7 once, and most runs were in the low 14's for him and he had an intake,tbe and cobb accesport
and i was on blizzaks

the car defintely has a 13.5 easy the way it is now

only mods are intake, downpipe, testpipe, cpe 75 duro

lol the 14.0 at 97 i missed fifth haha that would been my best run of the day for sure

i got a ton of runs and i was getting pissed i didnt get a 13 so the last like 6 were back to back haha i was heat soaking bad hence the 14.1 @ 103 when it should have been my 13 second run

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