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Mazda6 Wheel on 3? Pic incl.

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I was wondering if this Mazda6 wheel would fit onto the Mz3.

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They look ok.. but rather small.
vaBooM said:
They look ok.. but rather small.
I agree...not for me.
umm...personally I think the 17s that comes with the 3 looks better than these
those look cool. maybe my next purchase for my 6? :D
I think it looks ok, but there's an awful lot of tire showing. Do you prefer low profile tires? Cause based on that picture they wouldn't be low profile.
aside from the divets at the tips of each spoke i really don't see a big difference between those and the stock rims on the 3
dem be ugly
They look heavy, and afetrmarket wheels are almost always cheaper than OEM, unless you get them used (take-off wheels)
Its a *real* nice photoshop job, but I have to agree that those wheels look fugly.
I believe they are 0.5" wider than the 17's on the 3. Might not be enough clearance in the front for that.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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