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Mazda6 Sport and Mazda6 Sport Wagon

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I didn't believe my eyes, but I just saw the commercial! I am... shocked!

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Yes, they are very nice but please also take a look at the new (should be here by May/June time frame) Subaru Legacy sedan and wagon. The 6 sport (hatch) and Legacy seadan are my top choice for mid size price/performance leader at this moment...
Saw the 6 station wagon last month at the dealership here and it's REALLY cool looking. Still haven't seen the Sport though.

I saw some of them in person at the Mazda-Rev-It-Up event. They're definitely nice cars and I think they look a heck of a lot better than any Subaru.
We have one sport wagon, 4wd, steptronic automatic, 2,6 motor, dual exhaust and the works, leather, climate control and sunroof, just everything. Looks good beside my 3 who also has the works
Saw them at the Chicago auto show and was going to get 6 hatch/sport but I took the 3 out and was inpressed. The 6 is bigger and more powerful with the V6 but I felt the 3 was more my personality.
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Saw them yesterday at the D.C. Rev it up. Even drove the sport wagon.

As one of the other spectators said, they may want to take the sport name off it. The rear end tended to want to come around on hard cornering. Of course, given that they are building this thing to be a kid hauler it probably won't be run through a slalom very often.

My overall impression was quite favorable. I liked the feel for what it was. It felt VERY solid and was sure footed in what would be considered normal driving.

The styling was nice too. I especially liked the black one they had around the booth.

If I decide to move out of the three I must say that this wagon is going to be one of the cars I look at.
Yeah the wagon looked good. Slap some rims on it and you got a pimp family car. I saw the wagon commercial with the guy driving. Looks sweet for a wagon.
Another vote against the Legacy and wagon. The proportions are off, IMO. Just doesn't do it for me. Not FUgly, but definitely no 6!

The 6 hatch did feel a bit heavier and had a different feel to it. But then again - the one at Rev It Up was an Auto, witht he V6. Quite a change for me as it is. Didn't try the wagon - but it looked smart!
Re: What The ?!?!??!?! The Mazda6 Sport and Sport Wagon?!?!?

bobmtb said:

I didn't believe my eyes, but I just saw the commercial! I am... shocked!
Why shocked? We've been waiting for them for like a year. And they've been available everywhere else in the world for over a year.
I like the new 6 Sport. I like the Sport Wagon too, but it looks too much like a Demio from the back.
The sport wagon looks great but they are still made in a UAW plant so I doubt I'd consider it.

To me that's the biggest downside of Mazda's relationship with Ford, that any Mazda car made in the US has to be made in a plant infested with UAW workers.
Absinthe said:
I like the new 6 Sport. I like the Sport Wagon too, but it looks too much like a Demio from the back.
agree! but I would pick the Legacy over the 6, Turbo power!
Heh, just wait till we get the Mazdaspeed 6 which is rumoured to be AWD with a turbo-charged 2.3 i-4 pushing out 280hp.
My dealer said that they were planning to get the Mazda6 MPS to England.. but he talked about 220hp :S

My opinion is that the Mazda6 sedan is quite boring and ugly in your American way with those large bumpers. The Sport is so much cooler. We have it in Europe now for almost 2 years and it looks a lot more sportier and muscular

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The bumpers on the US version are the same as the sedan -remember, we have 5 mph bumper laws, you don't.
Nice car, but not fast enough!

Has anyone heard if Mazda is planning to bump the 6's torque and HP up a bit?

I love the car, but I'd like to get a V6 with more mmph than just 220. 250+ would be killer. At this stage of the game, I like the S40 and the Altima 3.5 more.

If Mazda bumps the engine up a bit, they could really get into the competition with the V6 versions of the Altima and Accord.
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