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Source: NewsWeek Magazine

May 23 issue - Silver cars are ubiquitous these days, but Mazda is betting you might actually want a little color. And not a timid green or beige, but the loud shades you find in a box of crayons. Mazda might be right. As I scooted around town in a metallic copper orange Mazda 6, drivers flashed me a thumbs up. Crayola would call the color Burnt Sienna, but I just call it fun.

Everything about this five-door hatchback is uplifting, including the cool aluminum accented dashboard (with pebble-grained plastic to simulate leather). And the perforated leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel (with audio and cruise-control buttons), a leather shift knob, racy body cladding and twin, chromed tail pipes speak to the 6's sporty nature.

Sporty looks and a comfortable interior make this auto a bargain
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As for performance, I like how this five seater hugged the road with beefy 17-inch wheels and decent power from the 3.0-liter, V-6 engine with 220-horsepower. And my manual tester came with a very satisfying short-throw shifter. The back seat is large enough to hold your brood, while the enormous trunk space (more than 58 cubic feet!), accessible through the hatchback, can accommodate all the gear you need for a camping trip or weekend at the beach. Summer, here we come.

Tip: For even more cargo space, check out the Sportwagon for $1,000 more.
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