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mazda3s GT 2006 - worth to go with LED tail lights from xenon experts ?

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hey people.. I am new to this website.. used to own VW Jetta 2005.5 which I bought in August 2006 and finally last week VW bought it back due to sever problem = lemon car.. here is just a short story of it:

pic of my old one:

anyway.. decided to buy a Mazda3 s GT 2006 (Bose, leather, xenon etc.. ) but NO LED tail lights...

after googling around net I found this great website mazda3forums and just can not get rid of it now.. reading all posts.. haveing ideas what to do.. what to change etc...  so far after week of being happy owner of my new car... put already my subwoofer in.. working on painting front and rear badge in black flat color.. next step is doing something with the tail lights.. well after all I found out that if I want upgrade just to the LED bulbs ... price will go over $100.. including 2 x stop led light, 2 x rear turn led signal, 2 x back up led light.. 1 x high mount led light stop, 1 x license plate led light... 2 x map led lights... and 1 x dome led light.. I guess all together will end up around $150.. and at the same time for about $225 with shipment I can have these:

is this worth? any advice.. help welcome.. and thanx to all of U for lots of great informations on this website..
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My Grand Touring hatchback came standard with LED tail lights...are you in Canada or ??
You should know that all the LED tails (including OEM) only have the brake lights in LED. The rest of the bulbs would still need to be swapped for LED bulbs to get the look you want.
I am in US.. and yes I know about the stop lights being only LED.. on place of turn signals I want put Silverstar Silvania.. - only cause have them at the front and love the look of it.. blueish.. purplish.. etc.. looks great to me.. and at the backing light I will put LED with 3x1 WATT LED - that will give some extra light.. so it will still look great.. already ordered it and waiting for shipment.. also bought 3rd break light.. wish only I had clear break light (3rd one).. cause then it would look great with all those LED lights.. tried find something more about it but not much there for sedan.. mostly for hatchback..

thanx to u guys..
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