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pinchel, not sure what to tell you man, I stocked up and have a few in reserve (not to mention the other vinyl work you do for me.)

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No biggie. I guess it's just the way it is.
You know how sales/retail is man, it's feast or famine. You can market and advertise all day, but sometimes the sales just aren't there at that time.

A week ago, I was irked cause I couldn't have given work away for free. Then, in a three day period, I have one guy I'm prepping and negotiating for a center console sub enclosure build, one guy I'm sending a Paypal invoice to so I can start/sell a completed design, and another guy I'm waiting on to free up funds in a week or so for another design. It's to the point I'm passing up overtime to work my side business.:eh:

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All this below and more colors are available! Message me if you have more questions.

We can get these in the mail within 24 hours!

Hello Mazda3 Fans :peace:, >>We can do custom decals too!<<

The Mazda3forum decal dimensions are approximately 1.5"Hx8"W. The Sedan Syndicate decal dimensions are approximately 3"Hx5"W. Private message me with the info below and I will send you a link via PayPal to confirm.

So here's what you do:
#1 Pick your color(s).
#2 Choose the quantity for each color.
#3 Decide on shipping. Shipping is FREE within the United States, to Canada it's $1.15 US Dollars for the first ounce.
  1. FREE = $0.00 (Within the United States, everywhere else will need to pay postage.)
  2. USPS PRIORITY MAIL = $6.00 (Within the United States, everywhere else, you may need to pay extra postage.)
#4 Message me the choices. Include your email so I can send you the PayPal request.

The price is $5.00/each or $6/pair and you can mix colors.

  1. Flat Black
  2. Silver
  3. Red
  4. White
  5. Dark Pink/Magenta
  6. Teal/Turqouise
  7. Orange
  8. Gray
Also, I don't have much but I just added a limited amount available these colors (There is an additional charge for these):
Rainbow Hologram Metallic
Metalized Black Carbonfiber
White Etch (Etched vinyl gives the appearance of etched glass. The decal is somewhat see through.)
Blue Etch
Green Etch
Red Etch
Metallic Gold

With the help of philrab & XCNUse I was able to recreate as close as possible a former forum decal from a picture. At this time I do not have actual pictures, but I will put them up as soon as I physically make them. The picture below is a very good representation of the colors. I am currently out of black, but if you guys order them, I'll backorder until I either get the vinyl or everyone orders enough for me to buy it in bulk.

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