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Mazda3 To Arrive in Australia in January 2004????

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I have spoken to my Mazda Dealership....

He seems to believe it will arrive then...

In Sedan & Hatch Bodyshapes 3 models of each...

1.8 litre or 2.0 litre Basic Model...

2.0 litre Mid range model...

2.3 litre Sports Models ?????? (very interesting)

Anyone else heard any more info ?????????

:?: :?:
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I wonder when the pricing details will be out, has anyone registered on the mazda au site for the 3?
I heard that pricing will probably start from around $22,000 for base model hatch and sedan.......BUT

it will be better equipped than today's base 323 model...

Pricing will probably rise to approx $35,000 to $38,000 approx for top of range Models (either Luxury or Sport type models...)

i can't wait till it arrives !!!! :D
Thanks for the link.There is fair a bit of details there for the 3.Can't wait to see it in person in the coming Sydney Motor Show :)
It is coming up on the 16-26 of October and it is deemed to be one of the shows that car manufacturers reveal their concept cars and that.
Its been kinda quiet over here *drop pin*.
So dropping a pin gets the conversation going? :)
hmmm.. yeah.. where are all the aussies!

anyhow, speaking to the dealer yesterday, the mazda3's are here (umm.. in the holding yard), and some ppl have been seeing them on trucks.

Got other bits of information (such as you should be able to catch a 3 at your dealer on the 14th not the 15th - although it may have changed), but it seems no one here is interested *sigh*
As far as I'm concerned, the 3 couldn't come fast to Oz enough.

Mazda Australia has recently announced 6 airbags as available across their passenger car range (std on all 6 models, and for 3, midspec and above). So, with that in mind, the Maxx Sport is my pick, or rather, the most I can afford. The SP23 should be a blast, but not enough $$ :(

CBT - what other info do you have that you can share? Really *hope* that the Maxx Sport will have the black/clear tail-lights and the electroluminescent gauges.
Doh. Accidently clicked back (stupid mouse) have to rewrite anything, so ill make it shorter this time.

Firstly there isnt really anything known about the maxx besides it like the neo but comes with air and power standard.. however, no one seems to know how it differs from the neo (where the extra 1300 goes - umm.. i get this figure from the cost of the neo w/air and power = 24700 from memory).

Any ideas? (im thinking leather shifter and wheel, a little on the nicer interior, a bit on the 15" alloys (which we already know it has got), maybe those clear lens tail lights;).. less hopefull, 2 tweeter, silver colour air vents, speaker bezels and instrument pan. insert and the finally , but highest on the wish list are those quite nice electroluminescent guages)

Anyhow, for the maxx sport, again from memory, you get rear spoiler, 16" alloys and fog lights.. areo bumpers, side sills and extra large cheese grater are optional.

Sheesh, I have to admit I could have some of the info for the sport around the wrong way, its very hard to remember.

btw. 28700 for the Maxx OTR. (for brisbane at least) (add ~735 for Maxx sport)
1300 for tax
1300 for delivery fees and reg. charges (gotta be some bargining room in there ;))

Also, the higher you go in the models, the more options you get (er. besides the SP23 since it pretty much has everything :D)

Anyhow, Im with you Spook.. Really looking forward to the MZ3 coming out.. I'll be sure to let you know when I find out more. I'd say give it to the end of next week at the latest. Id be highly surprised if we didnt know pretty much everything.

Also be on the look out in your news papers.. They apparently went out to reviewers around 2 to 3 weeks ago! So it shouldnt be too long now!

(lol :? So much for shorter) .. btw. prices still arent confirmed yet!
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Ahh... and a Happy New Year to those down under, which of course means we're just 2 weeks from the local launch.

No offence, but it's quite frustrating to read about all you guys in NA and Europe. Having the car made in Japan (ie right hand drive) obviously does not mean other RHD markets will benefit first, but I do understand the need to cater for the larger NA and Euro markets. At least Oz will see both sedan and hatch launched at the same time. I hear that UK will see the hatch first, with the sedan to follow only a few months later. For me, the sedan is the better looking car, looking almost like a minature 6 hatch! 8)

For those preferring auto, I've heard that the activematic trans will added 1500-1800 over the manual, which has to be good news considering that most other comparable makers have auto at around $2k extra.

The $1300 extra for a Maxx over a comparable up-specced Neo will also add the 6-stack CD, steering wheel mounted audio/cruise control, and how about a vanity mirror for the passenger!? What is a bit disappointing is the space saver spare tyre, which I hope we don't get. Apart from a nicer interior and those 15" alloy wheels, I can't really see how the extra can be justified. But I'm prepared to be surprised.
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MMM... I believe auto will be 2000, so not so good news :( (unless your dealer has told you otherwise - we could be getting a mix of dealer speculation)

Another thing, cruise reportedly doesnt come with power, as it isnt a very requested feature on small cars (so the dealer says). I also thought wheel mounted audio was standard? (dealer speculation again)

And lol, interesting news on the vanity mirror?! Wonder where that came from? That would be the last peice of information id think about - would have thought your dealer might have known something more substantial.

And yeah, it evenutally comes to a point where all the information for the rest of the world markets becomes useless, you already know what the car can come with, but you wanted to know what you will get, here in Australia!

Happy new year to all too.. And im expecting info on the 3 this week. but then that just my guess :D
hehehe... a joke about the vanity mirror :lol:

Initially, my dealer told me auto might be 1500-1800, but now he thinks it will be 1800-2000. Cruise control is not standard on any of the models, but should be available as an option.

Leather and sunroof are not standard, but should be available as a dealer fit option.
Ahh.. Gotta love all this conflicting information! (eg. you wont be able to get the sunroof here in Aus)

Anyhow, Im pretty sure mazda has to release info this week as they've gotta prep their dealers for the 3!

Anyhow, Im think im all speculated out.. Thought of every option that their could be and .. well just gotta wait.

As you say, not long at all! Im excited, but not as excited as I could be, as the I'll have to wait 6 to 8 months before I can get one, and even still, due to finances it may only be second hand (which I guess is a good thing - same car for less), but then again, may end up getting a new one!

Who knows!
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