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mazda3 parts forsale, getting out of "the game"

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mazdaspeed struts/shocks - $350
oem mazda 3 16 in wheels(3 are perfect one is not still holds air)- $250
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ill take the vibrant strut, just get a shipping qoute...
blah, I wish had money for the short shifter or else i'd pick it up from you this weekend.
go to work :)
I wish it were that easy. If you still have it available on Saturday, I might take it because I get paid on friday.
yea. ill hold it till saturday for you, but you gota pick it up here in richmond.
Thats fine, just keep in mind that i'm not entirely sure about it just yet. Any price change for picking it up? :happysad:
I'll hold it but if an offer comes up I'm selling
Please post individual pictures of the wheels, esp. of any damage. What's the approximate mileage on the tires? How's the tread?
pics asap. but im sorry the tires are not included. they are bald.
[quote author=iheartmyaxela link=topic=136449.msg2941804#msg2941804 date=1234843835]
pics asap. but im sorry the tires are not included. they are bald.

Thanks. :)

ALL pms returned
how many miles on the struts?
5000 miles on the struts
7000 miles on the springs
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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