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Mazda3 or Protege?

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Does anyone know if the Mazda3 in Canada (specifically Quebec) will actually carry the Mazda3 nameplate and not Protege?
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I don't think it will be Protege. Cause in Japan the 323 was alwas called Familia, but now Axela. And in Europe 323 and now Mazda3..... Like the Mazda6, it will be called Mazda3 also in North America
Yeah... well it will definitly be the 3 in the US... doesn't mean it will be in Canada though. Although they're produced in the same factory there are always some differences. People on other boards have theorized that it will be the Protege, but I have a hard time believing that. I wish there was some concrete evidence.

Without a doubt it will be M3.

Even had an article stating this.
Great to hear. I had a hard time believing it would still be Protege, and you have confirmed that it will not :)
YEap it will be the Mazda3. Protege go bye bye

Yep Mazda3 for Australia too !!!

We currently have the names of Mazda 323 Astina (for Liftback)
& mazda 323 Protege (for Sedan)

Both of these names will be going Bye-byes !!!!
Our 323 hatchback was called FastBreak. Short: 323F. But the F stood for "Future" for the first 2 hatchbacks models

Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3 (FastBreak)

Gen 3 but after 2 facelifts

It's real sad that people want space in their car. That's why a new kind of 323F gen 1 and 2 won't sell anymore :(
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Hi Ahura,

The Gen 2 Model was regarded as the most stylish 323 Liftback in Australia, but was not very spacious on the inside compared to current Generation models... :eek:
Rodney: What is Activematic on your 6? Is it the Sport Automatic tranny or something else?
I think the BMW guys are going to be pissed when ppl call a Mazda3 M3 and Mazd6 M6. O well.
I use that too but what will the mazda3 be called? MZ3
Yes :p

Well, that's what I use anyway.
dinu01 said:
Rodney: What is Activematic on your 6? Is it the Sport Automatic tranny or something else?
Hi Dinu01

Yes, Activematic is just a silly term used by Mazda Australia ( & possibly Japan) for the tiptronic style Auto Transmission....... :?
Thanks Rod!

In other news, I'd still call it M3 and M6 :)
Hi there, I am new to this site and I expect to be an official member since I will change my '98 Pro for a '04 Mazda 3...

I have talked with my dealer and yes, it will be named Mazda 3. They don't know the price it will turn around or the equipment except that it will be almost like the Mazda6.

They say the GPS that will be available in Canada in the Mazda 3 will be a "bad" one because it will only support U.S. states and big Canadian cities (Quebec City, Montreal, ...)

They announces it will be available within the month of January, or at the beginning of February. I will pre-order mine. I hope.

Do you have to put $500 bucks down to pre order?
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