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Mazda3 2nd in Car of the Year Europe 2004

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1. Fiat Panda - 281 pt.
2. Mazda3 & VW Golf V - 241 pt.
4. Toyota Avensis - 219 pt.
5. Opel Meriva - 213 pt.
6. BMW 5-serie - 144 pt.
7. Nissan Micra - 111 pt.

Good choice.. allthough the Mazda3 is a very good car, it hasn't got anything that brings up a new standard or something. No handy rearseats of stuff like that. The Panda is a very small car but with a lot of space, looks good and for a very good price
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Yes you do. Get that Nissan $hit off. j/k Put #1 post stunna! lol
What the hell is a Panda? A name like that would die in the United States.
What the hell is a Panda? A name like that would die in the United States.
Fiat has a "Panda" for very longtime. They wanted to use the name "Gingo" for the new designed car that have won the 04 award. Unfortunately, Renault jumped in and complained that "Gingo" is too similar to "Twingo", a tiny Renault that is so smarly pack so that it could provide a huge interior. So Fiat had to give up the new name "Gingo" and use "Panda" instead. The story happens during the Geneva auto-show.
Twingo - you could do "achat-rachat" (a lease) for it a few years ago if you needed a car for a few weeks while in Europe with it. It sure has weird styling :)
:shock: that thing beat the 3 ?!!??!! damn!! you euros sure have a weird taste in cars :p
LMAO!!! WTF this thing beat the 3. HHAHAHAHA!! It looks like a mini bus for midgets.
I would rather drive a Kia over that thing.
Dude..... size doesn't matter ;) Because the car is cheaper and smaller, doesn't mean it should lose. The car is very good priced and in spite of its small sizes it is very roomy (??) car! And drives good and isn't boring to see

In puts the mini-MPV's to a higher level; cause these are shit! (crappy seats, looks cheap and not a very smooth steering and driving)

Opel Agila/Suzuki Wagon R+

Daihatsu Move

And the Panda really does look mature if you see him in real life
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I'll give it credit that it does look better than those you posted.
Yeah, europeans do have some ugly cars, but some of the nicest come from there too. That Panda is really ugly. Off the top of my head I can't think of any euro-made cars that are nice, right now.
Audis, BMWs, Benzes, some Jags, Lotus, some Peugeots, Scania and Iveco trucks (18wheelers), etc...
There ya' go: Audis, BMW, Lotus-gotta love those. Thanks, dinu. I was afraid to post any I liked b/c someone would come along and be like, no those are made in the US. Never heard of Scania. What is it?
Iveco and Scania make trucks - from deluvery vans to 18-wheelers. The great thing is that they look amazing!!!

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I know you guys don't see them often, but if you do, I'm sure you will recorgnize that the Mazda3 hatch is very inspired from Alfa Romeo 147 and Peugeot 307. The Fiat Panda looks perfectly fine for a car that supposes to be used inside the city. Do you you think a mini-Ferrari shape would be more appropriate? At least we here in Europe is more daring in the exterior design (who can't forget the VW bettle, Citroën 2CV, Porsche 911, etc...). And here is what will come.

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Ooooo! I like it. What kind of power does it has?
What kind of power does it has?
200hp, 318 ft-lb torque and it's a diesel engine. Yes, diesel.
What car is that?? I know it's a Peugeot, but what model ?

It sucks that french cars will never make it to the states, i've seen a lot of puegeots in Tijuana (méxico), and they allways look cool.
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