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Last Saturday I stumbled out of bed and went into the garage and was unable to get my new SP23 hatch to turnover, after several minutes of trying to locate its driver door I contacted the 24 hour Mazda owners support desk.

Despite a frantic few minutes of discussion, some tears and an apology they were unable to help get the car started, stranded and due at work at 6.30 am I decided to cut my losses and drive off to work in my old Mazda SP20.

The help desk called me back and advised they'd found a solution to my critical ignition failure and to cut a long story short it involved a quick visit to a Mazda dealership to sign a couple of bits of paper and in exchange they'd rectify the issue.

They've guaranteed this will fix all faults with the motor vehicle in about 14 days, the list of missing parts was vast and required complete reassembly in Hiroshima and shipping in order to ensure the problem was rectified.

I've been told to check the garage on the 1st of March to see if the problems been fixed and the only thing I have to do is give them my SP20 and some cash :oops:
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