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MAZDA MEET & EAT 2 (2013)

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Mark your calendars! The Jacksonville Mazda Owners Club (JMOC) will be presenting the 2nd Mazda Meet n Eat @ Mazda City of Orange Park!

We will have Trailer Pork BBQ & the Gourmet Aviator food trucks again! Sponsors will be welcome to attend and have a booth. We will be have a raffle with proceeds going to our local Second Harvest Food Bank. There will be some awesome parts or gift certificates to raffle. Not just MSF vendors, but local miata companies too are already being talked to by club members. It is gonna be a blast!

We are expecting an easy 250-300+ cars, with local rotary and Miata clubs coming.

Everyone welcome!

More details here:

And I just got word, the dealer is ordering trophies, as this will be an awarded show, too! This is Mazda City's judging, too.

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26 days away! We have some major raffle items like a full car wrap, full window tint, dyno pull package, go pro hero 3 and many more great items.
Is there a entrance fee?
And if this is at Mazda city , then the zip code seems to be 32244.
There is no entrance fee. Just need to bring money for great food truck options and amazing raffle items. Check for all the details.
Had a good time. Met some good people. Enjoyed everyone's Speed 3's and 6's, Rotarys and Miatas. Didn't realize it was going to be a speed only meet. I showed up as 1 of 2 Sedans! Still had a good time!.:bigsmile:
It wasn't only speeds it just had a ton of them and yeah not a lot of sedans mine isn't a speed I was the black gen 1 hatch up close to the rotaries AMPF's (isn't speed even though it has the wing )was the one we unwrapped.
Man I should have brought some sun screen and a hat! I'm burnt like a piece of toast. I wish I had won that raffle hat sooner. The damage was already done.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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