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Mazda Axela A-Spec

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Not sure whether this has been posted before...

A-Spec kit.
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haha. someone claimed that this car was an official pic of the Mazdaspeed3.

Looks good :)
I don't like that kit. Justs ugly to me.
Ah yea now I remember. Someone posted the same pic before and I said the front end looks like Civic.
A-spec kits for Mazda cars are ungodly expensive. For the RX-8, I think the complete kit costs $3000 (USD), for the Mazda6, it costs somewhere around $2000 (USD). The Kenstyle kit looks much better anyway, for probably half the price.
The bumper looks like it has a huge hole in it now... Otherwise, there's not much difference than the 3s hatch.
Cant say I like it...
I like the back, but the front bumper looks too much like a Civic
wouldn't spend a penny on that kit. Money down the drain. Doesn't improve the look of the car plus it looks too much like the stock package.
I still very much prefer the stock 3 :)
The sideskirts get a piece of lame plastic.

Not sexy.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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