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Mazda 3 vs Supra/Eclipse hybrid

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I will let the pics stand for themselves

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Quality Bodo job that!!! :shock:
lol :rofl:
that thing is hideous! :huh:
Talk about fugly! Who would ever think that looks cool? :crazy:
i like it! great body kit! seems very high quality... :roll:
That looks like..

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Yeah, right...not. :roll:
Holy ex-drywaller Batman!
I hope this never happens to any mazda3 or I will be a sad panda.
i know that someone exists that would do this to their car - but I've never met that fellow in person. who sits down one day and things this is a good idea??? do you need drugs and beer?
Looks like they applied the bondo with a friggin' hair brush. NICE JOB! :tongue:
Oh jeeeez :S
reminds me of the old beaten up clothes that are in "style" right now
The owner should have a huge wing, Toyota and Supra badge for a complete package. And drive to any Toyota dealer for services to see the mechanics response.
lol is this site g rated cuz in that case, no comment lol
Nice job... I always like to buff my cars with cheese graters too.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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