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I'm a new owner of a mazda 3, and there seems to be some major electric issues with it. Just for a little background, I bought this car off a guy used with about 53,000 km on it. The status is rebuilt as it has been in an accident with the first owner (I'm the third).

Anyways, the first couple of weeks I had it, everything was fine. Then the temperature dipped to about -10 C, and I tried starting it the dash instruments did some clicking and flickering and it wouldn't start. A couple days later I tried it again and the battery was completely dead. I took it in and had an AVR test done at the same time they put on my winter tires. They said it passed the test but they thought maybe a bad relay was draining the battery or something like that. They charged the battery, was fine for a while, then it happened again where the battery was completely dead after the car wasn't used for a couple days. I took the battery inside and charged it up, and fired up the car. It was fine for a little while, now when I try to drive it the power goes in and out. The interior and exterior lights cut in and out, the steering wheel locks up, etc.

Does anyone have some ideas as to what this could be? The battery was replaced by the previous owner in November as he said the car had difficulty starting in cold weather, he would always plug it in. If its a relay or something I could do it myself otherwise I will take it in to the shop.
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