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i have 3 noises that i would like to narrow down for my mechanic to check out.

1 - a loud scrape/buzz noise. think air impact wrench, mis-shift grind loud. so very loud. sounds like it's coming from the front left side (passenger side for me). feels violent like a scrape as well. it happens randomly, usually when i slow turn right up onto an incline.
2 - a clicking noise that i've had for a very long time. it's coming from the front right side (driver side). happens also when i slow turn right. i'm thinking maybe control arm bushings or cv joint?
3 - a loud thump coming from the back i believe. happens when i go over bumps and/or on an incline. i'm thinking sway bar bushings? i've had a look and they look ok to me. did some hand checks and everything feels sturdy.

i can't produce 1 and 3 at will. they happen randomly and rarely. so chances are the mechanics won't hear it. i couldn't produce 2 previously, but it has become more apparent. hopefully they can diagnose that now.

car's clocked around 105k miles. serviced regularly. manual. i replaced the known problematic right side engine mount, i think around 30k miles ago (can't remember exactly). i have changed the shocks and springs. front shocks i have replaced recently (so second round), but springs and rear shocks are still on the first time i replaced them with aftermarket ones (they were changed around 12k miles). i have also replaced rear and front sway bar links recently.
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