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I made pretty good friends with the mazda sales manager when i got my 3. I went in for a windshield replacement (bought it cracked, so they fixed it for free) and he said "hey these were just published havent had a chance to put them out yet."

It was a mazda 3 accessories pamphlet! AMERICAN one. I looked through it and i knew it was american as soon as i saw that there WASENT a wine cooler in the glove box. Here is a list of accessories (im sure they will probably be cheaper then, but it is most of the same stuff)

Modular Audio System:
6CD changer
mp3 player
cassette player
MiniDisc Player

Front mask
rear lip spoiler
rear wing spoiler
front air dam with fog lights
front air dam without fog lights
fog lights (i)
front splash guards (i)
rear splash guards (i)
cargo Mat
cargo Net
side still extensions (skirts)

Cargo net
cargo tray
cargo mat
rear bumper step plate
front mask
wheel arch mlding
front lip spoiler
rear sirt diffuser

Both 4 and 5 door:
Instrument Panel Decorative Trim Red & Blue (its cool, its like colored carbon fiber)
Door Switch Decoratie Panel (same colors)

gearshift Knob cover and parking brake cover- red/silver, blue/silver and black/silver

All weather Floor Mats
Windshield Sunscreen
Moonroof wind deflector
Car cover
Rear aero flares
rear ashtray (im thinkin about mounting an LCD there)
Carpet floor mats (beige and black)
Premium carpet floor mats (red and blue)
First Aid Kit
Roadiside Assistance Kit
Compass and outside temp auto dimming mirror
compass and outside temp ato dimming mirror with HomeLink (whats that?)
Touch up paint
Door edgs guards
Fuel filler Door (looks nice)

Im gunna try to get this scanned for you guys but i dont kno of any good image hosting sites, any suggestons?

Anyway i kno you can get them off mazda for $$$$$ but these will be coming to the dealerships soon, or you will be able to order them!


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CarbonZ said:
Some cool stuff there, though it's in the UK...

Personally, while I appreciate BMM3 listing everything online, I like to have peekshures to know what some of the parts are. I have a hard time visualizing stuff without pictures.
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