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Hi everyone,

So I didn't drive my car for 2 months. After those 2 months my radio didn't work for no reason. After 1 week the clock and the Meter counter were resetting to 0 every time I turned off my car. I looked everywhere I even have the "Haynes repair Manual" and saw that it was the "ROOM" fuse might be the issue. And discover that I never had this ROOM fuse lol.... Anyway I put a new fuse "15A" Everything was working again perfectly, the lights of the inside, the automatic gearshift light, the clock, and the radio.

BUT after a week or two, the radio stoped working again and the lights of the Gearshift stoped working.

I checked the fuse "ROOM" again and it didn't blow up.

Anyonw have an idea of what it could be ? an other fuss that might be related ? where can I start to looked at?

The radio doesn't look to be broken.


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