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[quote author=TEXAS2LO link=topic=66170.msg1148373#msg1148373 date=1168738157]
yeah I know it's the guage itself that lighten up :p
coming from a frenchman always sounds wrong loll

now I have to know if I pu it on the side pillar or that center piece ...

If you have side curtain airbags don't get a a-pilled pod, just in case you get in a wreck you don't want a gauge traveling at 35feet a second into your temple. Center pod is the safest, and cleanest looking imo. Too many, yes I'll say it, "ricey" cars run around with a-pillar pods. Atleast around where I am. I can drive by nearly any civic and see a a-pillar pod...hell I saw one on a Suzuki Forenza.

It's just all up to you, and if you prefer safety > functionality.
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