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Hey what's up guys, i need some help please...

I'm driving a 2007 Mazda3s 4-door and...
I purchased some aftermarket LED taillights which i love, they fit great and everything, but there's one thing that's messing up the great look...

I didn't have any issues installing the taillights with the car, i just had to plug it in with the stock cables and sockets that were originally in my m3, but here's the problem. The "turning-signal female socket" (clip) for the bulb is strictly an "Amber" socket, that's how Mazda distributes them. So i went to a couple of auto part stores to purchase some 7440 light bulbs (clear or red), and correct me if i'm wrong but i believe this model m3 uses 7440 for it's taillights, but anyways when i would go to put the 7440 bulb into the "Amber" socket, of course it wouldn't fit because it's specifically printed on the plastic socket/clip "Amber." I went to the Mazda dealer and they said that if they were to order a turning-signal female socket, it would be the same one that came with the car, so that does me no good.

Currently i do have that orange "Amber" bulb on, which just makes the taillights look ugly and cheap (as you can see i hate orange stock lights on cars, i'm sure most of you agree as well). All i need help with guys is that i need to know where & how i can get "turning-signal female sockets" that will take different bulbs for my m3 taillights.

Here's the item # for the taillights i purchased, just copy and paste it on the search bar on eBay...

Thank you for taking the time to read this! hope to hear from you guys!

bought the same smoked black pair as well, and i also bought the 7440 chrome dipped amber for signals, but yea, i attempted and tried for a while to find chrome dipped/red and had no luck, it was always either chrome dipped amber/ or chrome dipped clear and clear ones arent street legal here in northeast, but if you do find them let me know, not a big fan of the orange look either ^_^
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