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I can't see Mazda creating a seperate luxery line anytime soon. It takes a lot of $$$ to come up with the new model line and don't forget setting up a completely new dealer network and marketing a new brand.

Besides if they did that they'd just be the same as Honda/Acura, Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti and VW/Audi. It is sometimes better to go your own way rather than just follow the pack.

As for expanding the current Mazda line-up, first you have to figure out where they're missing. Mazda is solid down the middle with the 3 and 6. Both cars are excellent values in their class, fun to drive, great to look at and come in various body styles and power plants.

Don't forget they still have the best selling roadster in the world in the Miata and are expanding that into the MX-5 coupe. Then there's the RX-8: drool. The MPV and Tribute are also solid offerings in they're class.

So what's next? On the high end of the spectrum, from the positive response the -8 has gotten, I would be surprised if we don't see the RX-7 resurected in the next few years. It will probably have numbers to put the Z to shame.

They could also go with a RWD sport sedan, but that would be a tricky exercise for pricing. It would have to be more than the 6, but then you get into Bimmer and Audi territory. Playing with those two on their turf would be tough.

One thing Mazda could do successfully is on the low end. The 3 is a very refined car and really cannot be called an econo-box. So they'll probaby bring the 2 over from Europe to compete in same price point as the Echo Hatchback.

Speaking of Toyota. My 2 cents: they make very good transportation appliances.
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