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Wahaha Mazda en a luxery brand? They already failed on that point..(in Europe)

Xedos 6. Based on the 626/MX-6 (1992-1999)

Engines: 1.6 (114hp) and 2.0 V6 (140/147hp)
Competitors: Audi 80/A4, BMW 3-serie, Mercedes 190/C-klasse

Xedos 9 (1993-1998)

Engines: 2.0 V6 (146hp), 2.5 V6 (170hp), 2.3 V6 Miller (214hp)
Competitors: Audi 100, BMW 5-serie, Lancia Thema, Nissan Maxima

Xedos 9 (1998-2001)

Xedos 9 (2001-2002 and in some country's till 2003)

Engine: 2.5 V6 (164hp)
Competitors: Toyota Camry, Audi A6, Peugeot 607

And how often do you see one? I almost never see one. But..... they were very very good cars. very comfortable, quiet and well equipt. But no status

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