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Lots of Mazda3 Pics (Sedan and Hatch)

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Wow! I found this link on a spy shot forum and it is by far the most complete collection of pics I've seen. It beats the official Mazda website. :) I hope the blue interior is offered here in the States!

By the way, these pics took a few seconds to load on my T1 line. You can maximize the picture in Internet Explorer to make it huge. You can see the design of the dashboard up close. :)
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Not only is it a large collection of pics, but they're hi res!

mmmm 5412x4279 pixels of beautiful titanium grey MZ3... *drools*

What's with the three japanese guys. They're probably execs or something, but honestly, get them out of the way, I wanna stare at the MZ3.

I love those HIRES pictures!!


Also @

I really hate it that they make those pictures so huge! Offcourse I make it smaller with Photoshop but it always takes a long time..
Awww, but they make so good for printing and hanging!
How tall do you think that man is in the back seat?
Someone else posted this. The guy looks really tall and skinny. My guess is 6'4 or 6'5.
I just got my pictures scanned in from mazda of brampton, check them out. The titanium sport GT is mine, I pick it up on monday.
Nice..... and congrats!
All interiors except leather: - - r&.view=t

Also spotted the 3 Amigos, a beige sedan, lava sedan w/GFX (like petpad's) and how a 2 looks without rims or wheel covers - yikes!. Make sure you also check out how the GX trim lacks the plastic side moulding on the door, making it look cheap (IMO of course) - (see the link): mp;.src=ph&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a//

Hope all of you enjoyed these. I will try make sure ALL of you have access to the full size pics (1024*768) by the end of the week.
Unsure if this is already here, it's M3-GT's from

Looks a lot like the P5!
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Nice. Now I wonder how would it look with some aftermarket 18s.
ATL said:
Nice. Now I wonder how would it look with some aftermarket 18s.
bigger is better huh? don't drive my car-I only have the stock 16s :(
there is a little bit of the white GT sedan...not too bad!
Can see more of the sedan in this pic

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