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looking for someone in the philly area...

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i'm looking for someone from this forum from the philly area that is qualified and talented enough to do an audio upgrade on my 3. i'm currently looking for someone to install new speakers, plus do a custom sub/amp so if anyone knows of anyone in my area and can recommend them please let me know.

i'm looking to put either infinity kappas or reference series for my door panels and a sub/amp whichever they suggest.

thanks!!!!!! :)
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What's up from West Philly. I can't help you with the upgrades thought, I've never done one myself. I was thinking about learning with my 3 but I am scared. Let me know if you find a anyone that gives you a good deal. I might need some help too!

Following VABoom's guide could allow you to do the speakers and amp yourself. It's really not that difficult. I'm in the DC area if you have any questions.
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