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Hey all,
Just picked up my 07 Mazda 3 Hatch (1.6L engine\4-spd AT) exactly a month ago. I read in the manual that I should give it 1000 km for break-in. During that period no HEAVY breaking and try to keep the RPMs low. I obliged. 1st full tank = 470 km. Fuel Consumption = 10.5 L/100km (22.4 MPG US)
I normally drive pretty fast but I have purposefully been driving this car like a grandma to let it break in nice. The next tank gave me slightly better efficiency of 10.1 L\100km (and the funny thing is that I drove it slightly harder that tank). I was told this car eats gas, but really! My Renault Megane II hatch with a 1.6 averaged 8.5L\100km and I drove it pretty hard. My daily drive is roundtrip from Modi'in to Jerusalem, Israel. This is mostly uphill, highway, towards J-town. 90% highway, 10% city from the exit to the office. Starting to wish I went with the 2.0 L instead. Sure it probably eats MORE gas, but at least it's 50% more powerful!)
Second issue, no matter how low I let the tank get, it won't let me put more than 47 Liters in it. Supposed to be a 55 Liter tank. The reason I haven't gone to the shop yet is simple. If you think car-garages are bad in the States, they are twice as bad here in Israel. You wouldn't beleive some of the things I have been told by mechanics here, let alone what they charge for simple work (if you aren't careful).
Basically I would love to hear from any other 1.6 L owners. Drop a line, eh?

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