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I got myself a new mouse for Christmas and was debating on keeping my V220 since it was smaller and I could keep it in my laptop bag, but I need money for Books and stuff so it's going for sale here first before I throw it out elsewhere.

Logitech V220 (just under a year old)
1000dpi optical sensor (no red light from it)
Scroll wheel clicks and also does left right scrolling by tilting the wheel.
USB receiver is about the length of a AA battery and clips onto the mouse for easy storage
Uses 1 AA battery, and if you put in a good brand ( I use Energizers) it will last for about 5-6 months if you use it everyday for extended periods of time. (I'm only on my 2nd battery)
Little Red light will light up when the battery is low.

The bottom pads are a bit dirty since I tend to not use a mouse pad that much, I usualy clean with an alcohol prep pad or my glasses lens cleaner.

Bought it new for $30, will sell it for $20 or best offer + shipping (49014 or 48221)
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