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KYB shocks

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I was just looking thru their parts catalogue and noticed: ( that KYB will have front struts available Fall 2007. Are KYB's any good? The rear shocks are pretty cheap compared to anything else thats out there.
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If they are the AGX series they will be a great improvement over stock. If the GR-2 series they are more of an OEM replacement strut.
They dont offer the AGX for the Mazda3 yet.
I'm confused, is shocks the same thing as struts? And is struts the same thing as dampers? I see them being referred interchangeably, am I wrong?
A Struts are clasified as the "dampener" which has the coil spring go over it.

A shock, is used in a "truck" where the coil spring is in one location, and the "dampener" is right next to it.

A "dampener" is an over all classification of a strut/shock.

Hope this helps, in all meaning they are all basically provide the same "function", just different "form" on the car/truck.
So a proper term for our car is struts then, since the coil wraps around it, right?
struts in the front, shocks in the rear.
Were KYB's installed during the manufacturing of the 2016 Mazda3 in Japan?
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