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Hello MazdaSpeed 3 owners! We at OAKOS Automotive are here to bring you what you need from COBB, Eibach and KW to spice up your MS3 with looks and performance! We currently carry springs and sway bars from COBB, springs from Eibach and those oh-so-nice coilovers from KW :nice:!

COBB Tubular Rear Sway Bar Kit - $165.00 - FREE SHIPPING

  • This sway bar is 50% stiffer in the "Soft" setting and 90% stiffer in the "Hard" setting.
    COBB's sway bar is 2 position adjustable

COBB Tubular F & R Sway Bar Kit, Mazdaspeed 3 - $380.00 - FREE SHIPPING

  • Front sway bar is 35% stiffer than the OEM bar
    Rear sway bar is 50% stiffer in the "Soft" setting and 90% in the "Hard" setting
  • Expect greatly improved stability and cornering ability

COBB Sport Lowering Springs, Mazdaspeed 3 - $250.00 - FREE SHIPPING
  • Lower the car approx. 1.0" F & R
    Spring rates are about 15% stiffer in the front and 25% stiffer in the rear over stock rates[/list]

    COBB Stage 2 Suspension Package, Mazdaspeed 3 - $590.00 - FREE SHIPPING
  • Includes: (1) Front Sway Bar, (1) Rear Sway Bar, (4) Mounts w/ bushings, (1) set of lowering springs
    This is the perfect setup for daily driving and weekend motorsports[/list]

    Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs, 2004-2007 Mazda 3 - $235.00 - FREE SHIPPING
  • Lowers the car approx. 1.2" in the front and 1.2" in the rear
    Spring rates are 160lb(linear) front and 171lb(linear) in the rear[/list]

    KW Coilover Variant 2, 2004-2007 Mazda 3 - $1,525.75 - FREE SHIPPING
  • Lowering range of 1.2"-2.3" front and rear
    340 lbs/inch front spring rates with progressive rear spring rates
    Adjustable rebound dampening[/list]

  • Call Clayton at 866.97.OAKOS (62567) if you have any questions or PM us here or send us an email at [email protected]

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