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Koni & S-Tech's / My Opinion

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Well, I installed the rear Koni's today. Out of 2.5 possible turns, I went 1.5 from the lowest setting so I'm a little over half way to firm. Feels real good so far but I'll be able to tell better once I get the fronts on (most likely Friday).

Others with Koni and S-Techs....what setting did you settle on to control the rebound of these springs while avoiding going too firm and experiencing shock jacking?

A few pics from the rear install are in my album at
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Got the fronts installed today. Oh boy does the car feel good. lol

I went with 80% firm on the front (2 turns of 2.5 possible) and 60% on the rear (1.5 turns of 2.5 possible).

Car feels so much better and more well planted now. Big dips in the road that used to feel more extreme due to the old strut/shocks feel completely insignificant now.
I have the Tein S-techs with stock shocks/struts and hate it. Anytime I hit a bump like an expansion joint/pot hole on the highway, it slams the car and it feels like something is going to break. I was looking at coil overs for a better ride, but the cost is high. How is the ride with the yellow's on bad roads?
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