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Well, after a long day of work, I managed to get everything installed. THANKS to all of the people on this board who have created write-ups with pictures on doing similar installs. I do not see how you did the work and still managed to have the patience to take pictures.

Since all of the steps to get the job done is on these forums, I am just going to link to the threads here:

Front Suspension Replacement:
Eibach Install How To *PICS by steveo2021
Good pictures, very descriptive for the front install, including changing the springs on the front end

Secret hint for pulling the front struts.... by VanSin23
This is a great tip for separating the front struts from the spindle. It saved me a LOT of time.

Front & Rear Suspension Replacement:
Coilover Installation Walkthrough by Hexedit
While this is for coilovers, this walk-through has great pictures for the front and rear. This especially helped with showing me what was required for the rear-end.

Rear Camber Kit Install
Bean's Beginner's Guide: Installing Rear Camber Links (No crossmember lowering!) by thebeansoldier
Once again bean has outdone himself with the quality and thoroughness of his write-ups.

By far the hardest part of the install was the left rear. Replacing the upper arm on that corner of that car is a fight. The auto-leveling sensor and the 10mm bolt that you have to remove to move it are a severe pain, and I do not see how you can get it out without using a ratcheting wrench. I actually managed to replace the bolt when done using a set of surgical forceps in my took box to hold/position the bolt while getting it started. All in all, the total job took me the better part of the day.

I set the adjustable link to the same length as the Mazdaspeed one as a starting point, which is 290mm center to center. So far the rear camber looks great. I am getting new tires this week, so I am going to leave the alignment alone until then to allow the car to settle some more.

I only have about 35 minutes of drive time on the new suspension, but here are my impressions so far:

The new suspension is definitely stiffer than stock, but not harsh. I haven't really pushed the car too hard yet, but handling already feels improved. There is a slightly off-camber right hand turn near my home. With the OEM suspension, the front left would dive during the turn, causing a pretty severe push. With the new suspension, the car stays flat, and I can feel the right front wheel "pulling" much better. Nose movement during shifting & braking is reduced to almost nil.

So far I am very happy with my decision, and look forward to getting some more drive time in today.

Pictures: (click thumbnail for large view)





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